Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The One Where They Can Stay Up Late

My favorite thing about Tuesday is that mom has no worries when she stays up late. This is because the arrival of Wednesday means she doesn't have to rise at 4:30 a.m. In addition, that means I do not have to drag myself out of my cozy bed at 4:30 a.m. I'm something of a velcro-dog, so if mom gets up, I get up. Besides, who would activate the motion sensor on the driveway lights for mom, if I didn't run out there to do it?!

Today was another hot day but we'll return to normal temperatures tomorrow. And we're expecting rain. Papa says that's good because it might help with all of the pollen. I hope so! I suspect my drooling issues are because I may be (I'm not committing to anything here!) but I MAY be nibbling on something I shouldn't be outside. I can't resist it! Mom is going to wait out the peak allergy season before she starts to make changes to narrow down the cause. Can't a puppy drool a little? She claims to value mediation but when I zone out while studying the floor, I'm crazy? Sheesh!

Oh well. I do appreciate that I have two-leggers that take such good care of me.

Speaking of being well cared for... our very own woolly-bug Cali is headed to the groomer tomorrow for her annual springtime spa treatment! Phoenix and I are exempt because of our short coats. Mom can handle routine bathing at home! Cali-bear has such a thick undercoat it's best left to a professional this time of year. I don't seem to have photos of the at-home-haircut but I've heard stories - horror stories the way Cali tells it! Company was about to arrive... the terrible buzzing... the uneven hair... a little more to even it up... oops.......




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