Monday, April 27, 2009

The One Where Phoenix is ... a Super Hero?

We've always half-noticed that Phoenix has a letter formed on her back! Much like Superman has an "S" emblazoned on his chest, Phoenix proudly wears a "J!"

It's quite fitting actually. You see, when our little Jack Russell Mix acts a little - well - acts like a crazy JRT, we say, "Uh oh, Jack is back!!" I think her ego is getting a little inflated with this Super Hero talk. Look at her boldly directing mom on what laptop music to select for her nap time!

A few beats into her favorite tune and Princess Phoenix is out like a light.

While Phoenix was napping in the cool house, the rest of us took a quick lap around the yard. With this heat wave (we've been in the 90s and it's only April!), the pool is starting to get ever so slightly warmer! It was up to 84° today. And that's just with the solar cover on - we haven't even set up the heating system yet! If we keep going at this rate, papa's traditional polar bear dip on his birthday, won't be in the upper 60s like it usually is!

Gotta go for now -
The Big Bang Theory is on tonight! And it's NOT a repeat, I'm told. So exciting!!




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