Thursday, April 16, 2009

The One Four Years Ago

Four years ago on (or about!) this day, I was born!!! My family - two and four legged - spoiled me all day, which isn't unusual now that I think about it. But I did have to wear a festive bandanna to commemorate the day.

I was born in North Carolina and soon rescued by a league in West Virginia. When I was eleven weeks old, my litter mates and I made the trek to Virginia for a Pet Adoption Day at Petsmart. It was a long ride and very, very noisy. They wheeled us all in to the store in crates stacked on a dolly, as people stood to the side and excitedly watched all of us tiny pups roll in to the store. Into the puppy pen we all went. My siblings were beyond excited and happy to play with anyone and everyone. Meanwhile, I sat quietly to the side a bit anxious with all of the noise and two-leggers looming over us. As some kids were making their way toward me, I faintly heard someone say, "That's her! The puppy sitting by herself: that's the one we liked from the website." A man quickly bustled over and scooped me up before the kids descended. I loved him at first sight! Papa soon handed me over to mom and she never let go!

I cuddled in her arms as she filled out the paperwork and answered many questions. I was sneaking quick peeks at my new family, excited but still nervous. Finally, finally, it was official. I was going home! When we got outside, my nerves returned. These WERE two-leggers after all! Mom put me down on the grass to potty and I froze. I'm embarrassed to admit that she had to pick me up to carry me to the car. I wouldn't move a muscle. They softly spoke to me in the car, trying to coax me to look at them - even tapping the window to determine if I was perhaps deaf!

I started to warm up during the drive and realized I already loved these two-leggers of mine. When we arrived home and I met my two sisters, my shyness was quickly forgotten! I knew I would be happy and loved forever. I was right! (Of course.)

My bathtime routine started young...


  1. Happy Birthday Big Z!

    Wish we were there to celebrate with you! We miss you terribly!

    Hope you had a great day with lots of food droppings from the two-leggers table!

  2. Great set of photos to remember you as a pup Happy Birthday



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