Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The One After the Salon

Ta-da! Miss Cali has returned from her adventure at the groomer! Look at that shiny coat.

Still a fluffy chest but her leg feathers were trimmed. She will be nice and comfortable for beach week!

Unfortunately, we discovered that she has a case of tapeworm. Yuck! Probably from eating something she shouldn't have outside. Luckily it's an easy one to treat. Mom mentioned it in her message to Dr. Mitchell when she called to give her an update on my suspected allergies. I'm still drooling a few times a day and frequently watching something intently on the living room carpet and couches. My face isn't as itchy but mom noticed the tips of my ears are a little red and crusty. I am probably following in my big sister's footsteps with the allergy troubles. Hopefully mine are limited to springtime. Poor Cali has year-round trouble but especially in spring and summer!

Besides---- wait a minute... is that a bear in the yard?!

After her busy day, Cali got a special treat - one of the toys Mesa and Molly sent made an appearance. She LOVES Mesa and Molly toys!! Even if it is a snowman in April...




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