Saturday, March 28, 2009

The One with the Water Woes

Yesterday mom was very productive. She goes back to work next week so is trying to get her Spring Break projects completed. One of which was changing 25% of the water in the salt water tank. This was her first solo water change. All seemed to go well, though the nepthea is still not bouncing back from what ails it. She had hoped raising the salt level and adding the nutrients would help, since the other levels all appear to be normal. So far nothing has changed for poor nepthea.

See it there, wilted, behind the feather? In fact, the Colt, to the right of the screen has been having some trouble too. (I may have their names reversed!)

So back to the drawing board - or should I say message boards - for a solution.

Meanwhile, I woke this morning around 5 for a potty break. When mom opens the door, we both hesitate because it was SILENT outside. I figure that it must be because the heat pump isn't running for a change. We both shake our sleepy heads and head back to bed until daylight.

We stumble out of bed later and notice the DVD player, stored in the TV stand holding the fish tank, had popped the disc out overnight. "That's odd," mom thinks, and pushes it back in just as she sloshes on the carpet. Mom frantically checks the tank for noticeable leaks. After some time, we conclude that the auto-filler malfunctioned, she probably jostled it too much yesterday, and just kept filling until all of the water was empty from the resevior. That's 4 gallons of salt water now in the carpet, which, as I'm thinking about it, probably diluted the salt in the tank considerably, wasting our time yesterday. I guess she'll have to test that again.

So, she soon realizes she shouldn't have pushed the DVD in because it's now stuck in there, as the unit is not responding - and it's brand new. (She just took the box to the garbage station yesterday!! Another project gone awry it seems....) This is not the first time this has happened. She has a plastic cover now but this was so much water I'm not sure it would help. The silver lining is that the DirecTV box is below the DVD player and was, again, spared. Or just built better to resist water! Out comes the handy steam cleaner to suck up all of the water! But first, she needs to take us out for a quick walk.

Remember how quiet it was earlier this morning? With fresh eyes and ears, we realize the pond is not running. No problem, walk down to empty the filter box - already empty. Check the plugs - fine. Try to reset the fuses - fine. Stare at the pond for several minutes - no luck. Check the plugs again - still fine. I grow tired of this so prance off to visit the horses.

They must have slept in because they're not around but they left me some fresh presents. Oh, and I should mention, it was raining all night and during this pond mystery. I figure the rain will cover any suspicious perfume marks and proceed to roll excitedly. Too soon Mom calls and I run back expecting treats but get a sour face and a bathtime sentence. "I'm just drenched with rain," I try to explain. She doesn't buy it.

Into the bath I go, while my "best friends" pretend I'm invisible and cower behind the chair praying they are not next. Somehow mom loses control of the showerhead and, let's just say mom and the bathroom got as much of a bath than I did!

Mom has since used the cleaning machine to suck up the water on the carpet and has taken a proper shower. We have been awake 56 minutes. Today is going to be exciting! Thankfully papa arrives home early this evening to save the day.




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