Saturday, March 14, 2009

The One with the Tiny Underpants

Happy Saturday, everyone! Mom is finally taking a break from work. The phone has been ringing all day - you know how I hate that! She promised us an extra special treat at dinner to make up for the lack of attention. I noticed some left over steak in the fridge so here's hoping!

Despite today's rain my nemesis was taunting me in the yard. I saw this picture while I was perusing LOL Dogs. Wouldn't this outfit take this squirrel down a notch or two?? If only I could catch him first. I gave it the old college try, as they say, but had no luck. Up the tree he went, as usual. I went to visit Miracle and Delilah when it became apparent he would wait up there longer than I would wait on the ground.

They'd snubbed us earlier when mom had apples. I checked in and, apparently, Phoenix annoys them with her barking. I'll have to talk with her... again!

Almost time for dinner! I'll let you know what delicious items are on the menu.




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