Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The One with the Dirty Horse

As I type this, the countdown says 14 days until Spring Break! I cannot wait! Mom will have SOME work to do over break but the bulk of it will be completed between now and then. I can't wait until things return to normal around here. February and March are certainly boring with mom working all the time and papa doing inside chores. WHERE IS SPRING? My cousins in Arizona are almost to summer weather! For us, it is predicted to get into the seventies this weekend. I hope so.

Monday we had snow. Despite my plea for warmer weather, I still find the white stuff exciting (and tasty!) but it was also cold and windy so we were inside most of the day.

We did have some fun making tracks in the snow.

Our area didn't get much accumulation. Closer to the city where mom works they got over 8"! As you can see, for us, it melted pretty quickly. This is our friend Miracle taking a rest in the sun. She sure is dirty! Mom's been feeding her apples around the same time each morning. I think she was waiting for us today!

Cali is still keeping up her puppy-ways. This photo was taken late (for us) last night. Two bones, a bird house, a couple of birds and squirrel. Despite her "camera face," she was having lots of fun while the rest of us were winding down for the night.




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