Friday, March 20, 2009

The One Where Underdog Gets Away

Today was a beautiful day! We had some visits from a couple two-legger friends. Phoenix was naughty when Stacey came to visit. She chased a bunny and was out of the yard for awhile. Now she's demoted to leash walking only - again! Not to mention, she rolled in the perfume yesterday when Lisa came to visit and had to get a bath. She's having a rough weekend!

My backup and I have been keeping a close eye out for my nemesis - Mr. Squirrel.

But mostly we've just been hanging out!

Baby Princess has been chilly this week, even though it's been nice. I think she got used to the temperature being in the 70s a couple of weeks back. The two-leggers ate dinner on the deck a few nights ago and she was shivering so papa took off his fleece jacket and wrapped her in it.

Cali and I were perfectly comfortable! Even Miracle and Delilah have been venturing into the field more often! We love seeing them!

We also love MáMá! We wish her a very happy birthday and a healthy year ahead! All of us wish we could be in Tucson to celebrate with her.




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