Sunday, March 29, 2009

The One Where the Pool is Revealed

Sunday was a beautiful day! Papa arrived home last night with, not only the infamous glass, but also hazelnut chocolates and genuine Belgian waffles. Mom was very excited. She sure likes her edible gifts! Not that I can judge, we love our pizza crust gifts from AZ.

The day was spent outside working in the yard mostly. Weeding, removing onion grass, cleaning up odds and ends and the finale was taking the winter cover off the pool. This is the first winter we had the pool but mom did a great job winterizing the water! The chlorine was a little low but the Ph was perfect and the water was crystal clear. Save a half dozen leaves and, unfortunately, one bird (mom almost cried) - there was no debris in the pool!

We'll have a load of water delivered to bring the level up to the filter box and will then shock the pool and start filtering! It will be Polar Bear Club swimming only for awhile but the two-leggers were pleased with the unveiling.

This is a photo of the pool, after removing only the bird. Obviously the balloons to keep the cover tented did not work!




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