Thursday, March 5, 2009

The One Where the Monkey Gets Away

I'm writing this blog from time out. I got in trouble today. My two-legger STILL does not understand my need to perfume myself before papa returns from long trips. Does she not see a pattern? A night or two before he returns, I find a good place to roll.

I admit, today I had to search for some time to locate a suitable scent. It was confirmed that I was only out searching for 12 minutes but I'm not supposed to leave the back property - even to go into the pasture to visit the horses! She took a walk to find me, worrying about what trouble I may have gotten into, at which time I made my dash for the deck so as not to give away my location. She returned to find me home safe and sound but a wee bit dirty. As you can see, I knew where I was headed after this. Even when I zoom in on the picture, it doesn't look that bad to me! Two-leggers. :: sigh ::

The silver lining is that mom can't stay irritated for long. She says I'm the best bath taker ever! Probably because I've had a lot of practice. I got my post-bath treat! Cali and Phoenix were jealous of the bone I received but not enough to jump in the tub. They were again pretending to be invisible!




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