Sunday, February 8, 2009

The One with the Warm Days

I think God is smiling down on Ginger. This weekend was blessedly warm. We even had the doors and windows open for a nice cross breeze.... in February! We love it! Ginger especially loves it. Spring is her favorite time of year. This whole week is supposed to be lovely and I think it's a gift from above for Ginger, since she may not be with us this spring. As you know, Ginger hardly sits still these days. Here is a rare moment when she took a quick rest on the deck to enjoy the weather.

Meanwhile, I'm watching th
e last bit of snow melt away....

While Phoenix finds a n
ice warm spot in the sun against the house... and then later on her Magic Carpet.

Under the code of sisters, I can't tell you what this picture is about but I have titled it Secrets.

Papa did a lot of work on the trailer. I should have pictures soon. The bathroom sink and vanity have been completed. And the beds were also put into the camper on a handy drawer system to push the beds together into a king! The radio is now playing through the speakers, which was not as easy as it sounds! We're flying right along!




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