Sunday, February 15, 2009

The One with the Surprise

Something unexpected has happened within out pack. Cali has been acting like a puppy again! The two-leggers are both surprised and delighted! We suspect she had been taking her cues from Ginger and was possibly weighed down by Ginger's health problems. Cali has always been the caretaker of the pack. If one of us is in distress or she thinks we might be unhappy, she is the first one to the scene. I will have to ask her if she has been subdued out of respect and worry for Big G.

Regardless, now that she doesn't have to worry as much, she is having SO much fun! She's been romping with us more than ever, staying up late, being silly... it's been great to have Cali back!

As a group, we do bark a lot more with just the three of us on duty. Haha... mom is tiring of the many, many false alarms.

Today papa worked on recovering some of the valances in the camper today. I supervised.

Mid-day papa easily persuaded mom to watch a movie. Those of you who know her, know that this is a rare treat! It's not exactly easy to convince her to watch movies! Baby Pig and papa cuddled during the movie. Look at the twinkle in her little eye as she adoringly gazes at him while he talks to her.

We were certainly tired after out big day!

More tomorrow... :: yawn ::

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  1. That does it - it's time for me and my mom to come for a visit....well at least make plans to come for a visit - mom said maybe in June or July for a whole week!!! How fun will that be - I can't wait to see Cali playing with us all.



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