Saturday, February 14, 2009

The One with the Steam Cleaner


The day is always pretty low-key here. Mom says everyday is like Valentine's Day for her. She's not joking, papa really does spoil her - and us! We're pretty lucky!

Needless to say, I am not writing this post from a secluded beach. We did not win the lottery last night. Not even a little bit. Oh well! Friday the 13th comes around again next month!

Mom spent the day cleaning the house. The main project was the steam cleaning of the carpet. With her incontinence, Ginger was very good about sleeping on the Chux (puppy tinkle pads) but did venture off the pads or her waterproofed bed now and then. Mom really worked that steam cleaner today so it is much improved. There is still one stubborn area though. She has a couple more ideas thanks to papa and the Crazy Cat Lady so that will be on the agenda for tomorrow. Sure is a noisy project . . .
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Today papa spent the day working on the camper. I do love jumping in there and checking out all of his work. The vanity and new sink are completed, the beds are set up on new the sliding drawer system, the tv and DVD player are connected (can't go anywhere without mom's DVDs), the radio is hooked through the existing speaker system for FM, XM & iPod use, the new water heater is installed and many odds and ends are finished! We're just about road ready!

This afternoon the Crazy Cat Lady and her husband came by for a visit. That was lots of fun. I love her, which is a great testament to her character! And her husband, who everyone says is the last person I should be nervous of, is growing on me. Finally!

Mom and dad went out to dinner to a relatively new place on Main Street and were pleasantly surprised. Meanwhile, we had some friends over to celebrate the day with a few hands of cards.

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