Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The One with the Screech Owl

Yesterday mom went to visit my good friend the Crazy Cat Lady. Lisa is a wildlife rehabilitator, thus the baby beaver she's housing and the various critters she's nursed back to health. She also volunteers her time and expertise at a local facility. She is a friend to all animals!

Mom was invited over to meet a screech owl before he was to be released back into the wild. The owl had been hit by a pickup truck. The driver heard a thud and when he got home, he gave the vehicle a visual once-over. That's when he noticed this tiny little guy in the bed of his truck!

Mom, of course, couldn't resist snapping a photo of three of the kitties. They all gather when company comes over - such social cats! And cute!

When mom got home a short time later, the smoke detector downstairs was chirping. Papa is working on the adjacent bathroom and has emptied everything into the room room with the alarm. Mom, balancing precariously on a chair amongst the disarray, decides to test the alarm after changing the battery and knocks a piece of the textured ceiling into her eye! Meanwhile, the alarm is screeching, I'm screaming at her to turn it off, Phoenix is frantically running to and from the room... and mom, squeezing her eye closed keeps pushing random buttons trying to turn it off only to elongate this ear piercing process! What is most annoying: when she finally gets it turned off and put things away, we start to walk upstairs and hear the chirp again.... from a different alarm!! All that screeching for no reason. :: sigh :: Cali was sneaking off to visit the horses and missed the ruckus.

Mom made up for it today though - we took a couple of walks outside during her work breaks. While it is still a little cold, the sun was warm and the skies were blue!

No sign of my nemesis today. But the cool air has cleared up the pond - look at all of the fish enjoying the warm weather! (They are a little hard to see, you may have to click on the photo to enlarge it.)




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