Friday, February 6, 2009

The One with Heckles III

This week the two-leggers picked up a third Sebae Anenome for our two Sebae Clownfish. This one is yellow and the fish seem to be very pleased with his arrival. This picture is just before the tank turned on and they woke up for the day. You can see the bigger clownfish snuggled into Heckles III and the tip of the smaller fish peeking out from behind Heckles. Cute, huh? Although, the shrimp slowly creeping up over the sand polyps is a little creepy.

Please forgive the algae blocking the view. Mom didn't want to scrape it off and disturb Heckles as he's adjusting to his new tank.

We were up early to take this picture. Mom and I got up with Ginger twice during the night. The first time was at about 2 and there was still some snow on the ground. I wasn't too tired so tried to entice mom to play. I tried all of my best moves - bouncing play bow, tossing snow in the air.... no luck. She did laugh at me though. That's quite an accomplishment when the temperature is frigid and she's standing in the yard in the middle of the night worried about Ginger. I'm doing what I can to keep everyone's spirits up right now.

So far there has been little to no change in Ginger. She's a little steadier on her feet without the Potassium Bromide but not much. Though not always, she still gets lost outside. Most upsetting, the pacing and obvious anxiety have been unaffected by the medication change. In fact, it may be a little worse. Her breathing is usually labored and she paces from 5 in the morning until about 10 each day. Not resting for more than a few seconds. Then she sleeps like a rock. The overnight and morning seem to be the worst time for her but then the afternoon she's just sleeping so it's hard to say. Poor girl. She'll be happier tomorrow. This weekend is supposed to warm up to near 60!




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