Monday, February 2, 2009

The One with the Football

Well, the game last night was a nail biter. I know, I know. Nail biting goes against one of my resolutions. But it was an exciting final quarter. The AriZONA Cardinals didn't win but they sure gave the Steelers a run for their money!

Things here today were pretty quiet, as we recovered from the late night.

Since mom and papa had to go to work, Stacey came for a visit. After her visit, I practiced with my toys, while I waited for the two-leggers to return.

On the way home from work, mom talked to Dr. Mitchell about Ginger's bad week. Her health has slowly deteriorated over the last 6 months to a year, depending if you ask mom or papa. But this last month has been drastic. That happens to be around the time we added Potassium Bromide to Ginger's anti-seizure regimen. The doctor suggested we wean her off the new medication over the next few days and reevaluate. We're hoping she bounces back to where she was a month or so ago but are only cautiously optimistic, as the additional medication was added to prevent some mild seizure activity.

Mom made an appointment to talk with an animal communicator this week. She's spoken to her before, it's very interesting! I'll keep you posted.

Ginger's a tough girl so I have faith she will take all of this in stride. Meanwhile, it's starting to snow again!




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