Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The One with the Celebration

Today began on the melancholy-side. We're still getting used to things being a little quieter. And then it began... a little Ginger joke here.. some pizza for breakfast there... and then the day began as usual. Except the SUN IS OUT! Not just any sun - a warm sun! It's mid-February and we have weather fit for late spring, Ginger's favorite season - 72, breezy and sunny. And the rain which had been in the forecast has dropped off the radar. I am certain that Big G is sending us a signal that she is happy, which makes us happy!

We're trying to celebrate her life and focus on those many good days. It'll be tough but things will get easier. Last night, Mesa wrote
a beautiful post about Ginger. It made us all weep but it was very well written and thoughtful of her. We appreciated it. I know they miss Ginger terribly too.

Soon after reading the post, a delivery arrived from our Arizona family.
Thank you!!

Some good news... despite the emotional roller coaster going on around him, Mr. Heckles III has survived his first week without any of the usual anemone drama. Here's hoping he can outlast his predecessors.




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