Thursday, February 12, 2009

The One with the Blackout . . . Again

The power was out for most of last night and today. The wind today has been roaring! There is lawn furniture all over the yard. Cali said Ginger is probably kicking up the wind by running laps like she used to. She was fast in her puppy days but not as fast as I am. I break the record around here!

I'm in training after all. That squirrel is bound to slow down one day and then I'll catch up with him. I've been practicing with my toy. He has a squeaker in the tail - I LOVE to squeak it when mom's on the phone.

An update on the pack, as many people have been asking how us pups are handling the changes around here.... we're doing okay. I have been transferring my Ginger kisses to Cali to show her she is now the matriarch of our pack. Today Phoenix also gave her a few kisses. I think we have a new alpha, if Cali accepts! Sometimes the transition within canine families can be rocky when the hierarchy changes but we younger girls are allowing Cali to step forward without any ruckus.

I've been looking around for Ginger and smelling her bed before I remember that she's in a better place. Cali... we were all worried about Cali since she really depended on Big G. She's holding up very well. She knew Ginger was miserable in her final days with us so I think she made peace with what was best. She's soaking up all of the extra "making sure you're okay" pampering though! Phoenix... well Phoenix would love to be Alpha of the Universe but she's been gracious. I know she misses snuggling up to G's back but she's a mini-Ginger when it comes to being strong.

We all miss her but we're doing well. Thanks for everyone's concern and well wishes!




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