Thursday, February 5, 2009

The One with the Animal Communicator

Well, this evening mom was very excited because The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother were aired today. That makes twice in one week! Mom loves her sitcoms! Meanwhile, papa's been busy making plans to renovate the trailer. It's currently at the doctor's office getting a full checkup. He will go in get an orientation tomorrow before bringing it back home. Can't wait to take our first trip! I'm a little nervous about the people we may encounter but mostly excited about the fun times.

Since they were both a little preoccupied, we ordered pizza. Ginger, who unfortunately hasn't improved much since changing her medication, really perked up. Despite feeling lousy, she certainly hasn't lost her appetite! That girl can eat!! She takes after mom, I guess.

Speaking of my big sister, we talked to the animal communicator yesterday afternoon. I think mom just wants to get as many opinions as she can. There were no surprises. We told her some things that only mom and papa would know to try to boost their confidence in the conversation. We are a quirky bunch so that makes it easy!

We all seem to agree with the two-leggers that if things don't look up in the next week or so, we may have to consider Ginger's options.
:: sigh :: We were all very upset but mom and papa reassured us that we won't rush any decisions. We want what is best for Ginger and someday that might mean humanely freeing of her body, which is pretty worn out. It was comforting to hear that eventually, even though she will not be here in body, she will still be available to us spiritually. On the upside, the Potassium Bromide is not yet out of her system so we pups still have hope that this weekend things will look brighter. Mom will check in with Dr. Mitchell on Sunday.

Our family jokes that Ginger is the real Phoenix of the pack. She's bounced back from some pretty dire situations. You never know what she has up her sleeve. We'll keep praying for her.




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