Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The One Where Phoenix Gets Caught

Another few days have passed since my last post. The weekend was quiet. Though mom is STILL busy with work, she managed to take off Saturday and most of Sunday. Saturday she and papa picked out fabric for the front window drapes in the camper. Mom runs a tight sweatshop around here. She had papa sewing late into the night on Saturday!

Sunday he had to leave midday for a training course and mom did some overdue shopping and household chores. She also started to work on a VHS to DVD program. She got it to work and burned the DVD in a round about way. Last night she decided to play it back - it's only the sound! No video. Haha... she was not happy but it was pretty late by that point so we just turned in for the night.

I slept on the bed with mom and Phoenix. We both wedged her in and feigned sleep at 4:30 when the alarm went off.... but she went to work anyway. She peeked in on us and caught Phoenix snuggled in papa's chair.

Tomorrow she'll work from home so we'll get lots of outside time. It's supposed to start warming up tomorrow and will be in the 60s on Thursday!

PS -
Papa Mike: Message received. Challenge accepted.

I will swipe a can and drop it in the mail to you as soon as get the chance. Want anything else? I see an old plate in the cabinet too. I'm sure Cali would create a diversion if I need more time.




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