Saturday, February 28, 2009

The One with the Update

It's Saturday night and we're still bath-free. Shh...

We did get a disturbing call today. Apparently Cali and Phoenix have appointments with Dr. Mitchell this coming week. Something tells me I'll be recruited to tag along for moral support. :: sigh ::

Mom spent most of the day working on chores while we barked at every suspicious sound. There were lots of those! I'm embarrassed to say that most of the noises were due to the wind but we did alert her to a critter in the yard AND a two-legger in the pasture.

Because of the quiet day, I figured I'd give you an update on the salt water aquarium.

We have a fish that, like Cali, is camera shy. Whenever someone appears in front of the tank with a camera - flash or no flash - this little one swims behind rocks. No paparazzi!

Heckles is still doing great! Papa made the observation that he is the first anemone we ordered in advance, so he was not introduced to the store tank. He went right into our tank, reducing the stress. Time will tell! As you can see, the clown fish still loves taking naps and breaks with him. If he's uneasy, like if mom's big head is against the glass from an odd angle, he'll retreat to Mr. Heckles.

The colt corral was shrunken for a good part of the week. Mom and papa think the heat from the pellet stove, which ran a couple of nights last week, made the water warmer than usual. As you can see, the corral is back to normal now! And all is calm in the tank once more.

Meanwhile, I've been on the lookout for papa.




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