Saturday, January 31, 2009

The One with Unagi

Happy Super Bowl Eve! Go CARDINALS!

Mom was out running errands today, including picking up some wings for the game. Having wings on Super Bowl Sunday is another food-based tradition around here. This day always brings me back to a couple of weeks after Phoenix came to live with us, mom was preparing for the Super Bowl and left the room for a minute. The problem was she left a chair pushed back from the table. She came back minutes later to see our new addition standing on her chair with her front paws on the table, eating wings. Super Bowl always reminds her of that shock. I knew from that moment I loved this gutsy sister of mine, even though I knew she'd never get away with it.

Today mom came home with a sweater for Big G and a nice heating pad for her bed. She also came home with this:

She thinks it will distract me from the actual Spy Squirrel outside.

I think it will serve nicely as a practice tool to help train my pack to work together. Those of you familiar with the Friends episode "The One with the Unagi" will recall that Unagi is a state of total awareness. Unfortunately, my nemesis seems to train under this principle as well. To combat this, I repeatedly try to teach Cali and Phoenix to work with me and maintain awareness but they... well, Unagi does not come naturally to them. :: sigh :: I have been working with them this afternoon. Cali is especially interested.

In the meantime, I will continue my quest. I just want to ask him a few questions: what is the view like from the tree tops, where does he find the best snacks, can we special order cheek enhancements to store food, etc.

Here you can see me practicing in the background and Ginger in her new sweater hoodie in the foreground. So far she seems to love it! She sends her thanks to the AZ family for the suggestion. She's always worn a coat outside but the inside sweater will help keep her stiff joints warm in this cold weather.

It certainly helps my tiny cousins stay warm!




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