Saturday, January 10, 2009

The One with the Tiny T-Shirt

All of this birthday talk has reminded me of our birthdays. Look how we've changed!

Ginger at 3 months:
How cute she was! It's hard to imagine Ginger being a puppy! But now I can see why mom's mom was hoping for the name Ruffles. Look at those wrinkles!

And then at adolescence, after filling in some of those wrinkles:

Cali at 4 weeks, holding her very first toy:

And then slightly older:
She still gives the two-leggers those puppy eyes to get what she wants - and it works!

ME at 11 weeks, my first day home:

My adolescence wasn't as kind to me as Ginger's. What was the deal with my ears?!?

I've always been into computers:

After my ears settled down a bit, I went in to be spayed. Mom thought it was brilliant to put me in various tiny t-shirts to keep me away from the sutures. How mortifying.

Lucky for Phoenix she was too tiny for the tiniest t-shirt, even though she was almost six months when she found us. Mom and papa call her the perpetual puppy because she still has the same puppy face now at two and a half as she did here at six months. Cute, huh? This was during the first week she was living with us. Really made herself at home in papa's old chair, didn't she?




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