Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The One with the Snow Days

Snow Day Number 2! Yesterday was our first day of accumulating snow. While mom was shoveling and using the tractor to plow the driveway, us pups were helping by eating as much of it as we could. To be honest, we were moving about as fast as mom was with the shovel. I think that's why she took out the tractor!

Cali is a snow puppy at heart so she loves it! The cold snow turns Phoenix's toes pink within minutes so she and Ginger spend most of the time inside. Mom talks about getting her booties. One of these days it will take Phoenix longer to dress to go outside than it does for mom! Staying inside is just as well. Ginger has been getting lost in the yard and ping-ponging around the house more than usual. So someone always supervises her. Poor G.

Today the remaining snow is coated with ice so it makes it a little treacherous out there. But I still love it! Hopefully papa doesn't have trouble getting home from work since he is off tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. With that white on her Cali looks like she's on her way to being like Molly and I :)

    It sure looks cold there...How cold is it? It's been hitting freezing here and we have been going around in our sweaters 24/7 again! I bet you're a little cooler tho.



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