Saturday, January 17, 2009

The One with Our Cousin

GREAT news! My cousin Mesa has taken over my Aunt's blog. Aunt Katie is just too busy to keep up with it so Mesa has stepped up to the keyboard. Blogging can be tiring work, as you can see.

I can't post that picture without commenting on the hair cut. She is a dog not a rat, papa. And she is a Westie/Maltese not a Schnauzer, mom. I will concede that Mesa and Molly occasionally have some unfortunate haircuts. But when they have them in the winter, their cute sweaters cover up the short hair!

When Mesa was still a puppy and here to visit us for the first time, I quickly taught her how to take her sweater off, much to my mom and Aunt Katie's dismay. You can see a bit of the sweater here...

And gone..




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