Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The One with Mom's Mom's Birthday Dinner

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Today is Geralyn's birthday!!!

If it wasn't for this social anxiety, I'd ask for an invite to her birthday dinner. They're going to my mom's favorite restaurant out west! But I'd encounter WAY too many people at a restaurant. I guess I could make the trek to Arizona and beg for left-overs when they got home. I'll think it over. In the meantime, happy birthday wishes from me and the pack to Arizona!
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Now, I may think my mom is the greatest but she thinks her mom is the greatest. Some may take for granted that their mom is there for all of the milestones in their lives with unconditional love and support. Instead, my mom cherishes those memories. Her mom was there for all of the firsts she can remember – the first weeks of school, which mom publicly resisted; the move to the wild west in elementary school where kids joked about her Noo Yawk accent when she tawked; the ups and downs of adolescence, which mom again resisted; the first time behind the wheel of a car, followed later by the first car accident. Well, maybe some of the firsts weren’t so great but my point is no matter what life presented her mom was there to support and guide her.

There were so many Saturday girls-only afternoons that mom can’t even count them. She misses those days. A visit to the salon, a bite to eat, some shopping – granted it was mostly grocery shopping but the quality time was priceless nonetheless. Eventually Ginger came home. Mom and papa shared her when they first brought her home. But, even though she’d been reluctant to get a dog during mom’s childhood, mom’s mom graciously allowed Ginger to share her home.

A night or two here and there quickly turned into almost constantly having Ginger underfoot. She didn’t grumble a bit, despite not being given much choice! Mom didn’t even give serious consideration to her mom’s name suggestion for Ginger! Looking back, Ruffles certainly wouldn’t have fit Ginger’s personality…. or maybe she would have had a whole different personality?? I wouldn’t mind having a sister named after a brand of chips. Mm.. chips... I digress. After Ginger came the wedding plans.

The wedding planning had a few minor bumps, such as the bridal store filing for bankruptcy shortly after the down payment on the dress was cashed but before the dress was in hand. But mom’s mom was wonderful. Mom is constantly bragging when people compliment her wedding so many years ago that her mom did all of the work and handled the planning seamlessly, managing to keep mom calm in the process. No easy feat! She could be a wedding planner / therapist when she tires of diapers and bottles!

Then came mom’s move back east. That was a sad time. But they’ve adapted! Mom’s mom kindly chats with her two or three times a week during mom’s long commute home from work. Her mom always listens when mom needs to talk: seemingly endless worries about Ginger, complaints about work or just plain chit chat to pass the time in traffic. And she knows to talk when mom needs to do the listening!

There is no way to repay her for all of the things she’s done – for being the greatest mom! I’ve heard her say that if even though you can’t choose your parents, if she could, she wouldn’t change a thing!

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