Sunday, January 25, 2009

The One with the Jogger

It's Sunday night. The end of another weekend. :: sigh ::

Saturday was a busy day. Papa resumed work in the downstairs bathroom. It's really coming along. I'll post pictures this week.

Meanwhile, mom did some work on the office budget for 09-10, which then motivated her to balance our personal budget. Ginger helped. (Don't worry, papa, I blocked out all the personal
info in the picture. I just couldn't resist posting how helpful Big G is!) In mom's defense, she did have everything in neat little piles before Ginger offered to help. Maybe next time mom will work at the table instead of the floor!

Today mom shut down the laptops. She's been having some interesting eye problems so decided to take a hiatus from the computers for 24 hours or so. She did some chores around the house and ran errands with papa. We played in the yard a bit but it has again become COLD.

Snow is expected this week. I love it. Especially because that means snow days and mom will be home! Phoenix is dreading the snow. She hates to be cold. Though, despite the frigid temperature this morning, she chased a jogger down the street. She made the poor woman screech in fear. Scared of this face?!?

Phoenix thought she was just playing chase and wasn't sure what to make of the screams! Mom was right behind her though so the "situation" was diffused quickly. Mom was hoping the jogger didn't recognize her. The lady jogger works in mom's field and once offered her a job locally whenever she was ready to quit the commute.




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