Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The One with the Firearm Class

Good morning! It's been a few days since my last post. We've had a busy few days! Sunday started off quietly enough. Papa continued his search for a travel trailer online. Then he and mom left with A LOT of stuff to go to the crazy cat lady's house. When mom came home a little while later, she showed me some pictures. Papa was teaching his first civilian class! This was a class on firearm safety and concealed carry permit laws. It seemed to well! I saw a few of the display boards and power point slides as he was preparing the course. He did a great job! Very clear, even mom could follow it. Shh...

Mom was slightly disappointed because the kitties were banished to other rooms during the course. This is Kismet trying to use telekinesis to open the kitty door, which would free him from the basement.

That was unsuccessful so Kibbles uses a more active approach.

I'm not sure why they wanted to get out to visit with PEOPLE when they have a real live BEAVER down there. The cat lady is running a sort of beaver sanctuary! Take a look at Paddy....

The baby sounds Paddy makes are certainly curious noises to Phoenix and Ginger, though you can't see much of Ginger here.

Speaking of my big sister, she had another seizure Sunday night. Just as mom and papa were settling in for bed, she had a grand mal in her bed. Poor thing. It had been four months and five days since her last one. Not her longest stretch but not bad. Mom is debating whether to add the second anti-convulsant to her drug regimine or wait it out and see if the thyroid levels stabilize. On the plus side, Ginger recovered quickly and didn't seem to worry too much about it, unlike the rest of us! As you can see, everything is back to normal.




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