Thursday, January 1, 2009

The One with all the Resolutions

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Zona's Nine Resolutions for 2009

Exercise Daily - As it is important to the health of us pups and is great for bonding, I will encourage my pack to exercise daily by chasing me all through the yard. In addition, I will continue to encourage my mom to exercise by running away from her at full speed to the far corner of the property and then bailing like a sheep in distress. Only to sit on the knoll waiting for her to run to me to make sure I'm okay. (Haha, I love that game.)

Take Time for a Grooming Regimen - I will continue to find doggie perfume to roll in which will ensure frequent baths and the subsequent visual health checks. I will also bite my nails as they grow longer. Mom hates that sound so it prompts her to trim all of our nails. (What would she do without my reminders?) While I'm on the topic of grooming, I will try to teach Phoenix NOT to walk under us larger dogs as we are attempting to potty.

Eat Well - My two-leggers bring home only the best dog food for us, since they know how important nutrition is to our health and longevity. To show my thanks, I resolve to, at their constant request, no longer eat rabbit poo. Correction, I resolve to TRY to no longer eat rabbit poo. Well, we better make that, I resolve to no longer get caught eating rabbit poo.

Save Bones for a Rainy Day - I will try to be more frugal and save some of my bones and treats for a rainy day. I said I will try. No promises.

Contribute to Charity - I will try to visit Jackie, the dog next door, each day. Mom and papa have mixed feelings about this but I think it's important. Jackie is outside all day and into the night with seemingly no interaction with her two-leggers. I try to visit her when I can to show her some affection and play a little bit. I wish I could do more. I know she is lucky in some respects - she is not abused and she has food and shelter (I hope) - but I know she misses the days when she was a puppy. The kids played with her and she spent most of her time inside with her family. We dogs need companionship! It reminds me how lucky my pack is.

Spend Quality Time with my Family - I resolve to never take for granted the time I spend with my pack - two and four legged!

Support My Friends - I will do my best to put my cautious nature aside when I am called upon to help Ginger in situations that make me uneasy, like accompanying her to the the vet. I would do anything for my pack and Ginger has done so much for us that supporting her is the least I can do as she ages. Despite having some bad days, never is she difficult to be around or ornery with us. She is teaching all of us so much about how to age gracefully.

Help Others to Enjoy Life - I resolve to help Ginger enjoy her afternoons lounging on the deck in good weather and savoring tasty treats in the warm house on the blustery days. I resolve to keep Cali active and trim by playing chase and fetch with her. I resolve to always be a welcoming pillow for Phoenix when she wants to cuddle after a full day. I resolve to be a good companion for mom and will try to bark less when people knock on TV. And I resolve to show papa how delightful it is to be silly and how letting a sixty pound lap dog share your chair is good for the soul.

Learn Something New Each Day - I learned many useful things in 2008 such as how to open the baby gate; how to look pitiful enough that papa will invite me to sit on his lap in his new aforementioned chair; that, no matter where we go in the car, we will always return home; how to play with a few more interactive toys; that getting everyone to bark with panic just as mom has her hair full of shampoo in the shower is hilarious; how to take off leash walks with horses nearby; how to sneak into the pasture to visit the horses later; that poking my head into the fridge or taking a peek in the trash gets me shooed away (what do they keep in there?!); as previously mentioned, how to signal my nails need to be trimmed; where papa's best hiding places are; and, by popular demand, how to blog. I pledge to continue to learn in 2009. Requests are being accepted.

I wish all of you a happy and healthy 2009!
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