Thursday, January 22, 2009

The One with all the Pizza

Today was a wonderful day! We had pizza crust for dessert last night AND mom gave us each a little on her way to work this morning as a predawn snack. Does it get better than that?

It does! Papa will get home tomorrow morning just after sunrise. He's been in Brazil since Tuesday. It's been really boring around here without him. I think mom misses him too. She tinkered with the fish tank and the pond yesterday. And then moved his tractor and fiddled with the Explorer when she got home today. And she had a dream about hunting last night. Before you know it she'll be watching Sunrise Earth. I can't wait for him to get home either. It's been days since a good game of hide and seek. Plus he really warms up the bed. These last few nights it's been an all night project trying to warm up the cold spots on the bed.

AND, the best news, Ginger has had a GREAT day. I bet Cali read my blog to her and she realized how worried we were about her. I'm trying to convince mom that her good day was because of the pizza! No focals from what we can tell. And she's been sure of herself in the yard. Whew!

I just checked the weather. It's been really cold. The pond is still frozen.

It should thaw tomorrow. It will be a balmy 53! Then it will drop again. There is even a chance for snow on Saturday. We had fun in Monday's light snow shower.

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  1. You get that white flaky stuff a lot huh? I can't believe your pond - I'm kinda light...think I could walk across it without falling in??

    Very happy to hear about big G!! I'll let molly and the humans know the good news!

    Miss ya,



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