Friday, January 23, 2009

The One Where Papa Returns

Papa is back! He came bearing gifts... mom ate the macaroons in the time it took me to get the camera. Sheesh! They were shaped like cupcakes, complete with tiny cupcake wrappers.

The treats she's still working on are rolled fig newtons and asiago cheese puffs. (Correction: puffs are now gone too.) There are also two lolly-pops from the hotel and a tiny sandal key chain. Papa came home and said she could randomly choose one gift and the rest he'd save until her birthday in November. So, she did and it turned out to be this cool bracelet. It has a free form style and is very unique - perfect for mom's jewelery style!

Then some time passed and he decided to give her one more. The ring you see is hand made and really pretty. It was hard to get a picture showing the colors completely.

I won't be surprised if those other two gifts make an appearance before November. He has a hard time waiting!

Gifts aside, it's good to have papa home! He's promised lots of playtime tomorrow since the weather seems to have warmed up a little bit from the recent teens and twenties!

Gotta get some rest!




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