Monday, January 5, 2009

The One Where Mom Goes Back to Work

The day has arrived - mom had to go back to work early this morning. I mean early. I helped her get the car warmed up at 4:30 this morning. Luckily I was able to doze off on the couch after she left. I wondered why she had to go back at all but as she was leaving she said, "You pups are expensive. I work to put food in your bowls!" Unfortunately for her, our love for food outweighs all else - get going mom!

It's been a quiet day. Papa is off so we've been keeping him busy. Let us out, let us in, feed us, let us out, play with us, let us in, let us out, let us in, move so we can share the living room blanket while you watch tv, we need water, any treats while you're up, you better let us out... and so on. He was up and down all day. I did mention that my one of my resolutions was to exercise my pack more!

Ginger has been doing very well with her increased thyroid medicine. No seizure activity at all. Mom and Dr. Mitchell are hoping the thyroid levels really were behind this whole ordeal. I'll keep my toes crossed. Her infection is clearing up too. Her breath doesn't knock us all down when she enters the room. Haha... She's been in good spirits, even chewed on a few bones today. Ginger's never been one for playing with plush toys. However, not too long ago, she picked up a plush toy and chewed on it for quite some time.

Will Rogers once said, "I love a dog. He does nothing for political reasons." However, if you look closely, I think Ginger, a dog who does not like toys!, is trying to tell us something. (Clicking on the picture will make it larger.)

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