Saturday, December 20, 2008

The One Where Ginger Babysits

Saturday has arrived. Papa is on the best coast so things here are uneventful. Mom's out running some errands and my pack is snoozing by the Christmas tree. Only a few days until the big feast. This time of year mom always gets a little more homesick than usual. She turned on the webcam at the AZ house and was greeted by the infamous Santa - on a lamp.
The sight of the roaming Santa made mom chuckle, so I'm happy for that but I really don't get it!

Ginger and Phoenix have been best buddies today. I've caught them cuddling several times! Phoenix loves to be warm and Ginger loves to lean on us or against the two-leggers so it's a perfect match. Every time I move to get the camera for evidence, they move too so I've given up on the photo op! This was the best I could do...




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