Saturday, December 6, 2008

The One with Rodger

Good news! Papa's dad arrived home last night. It must have been good to sleep in his own bed! I had to stay overnight at the hospital twice when I was a pup. Once to be spayed and another time because - well, let's just say I overindulged on the secret food supply when I escaped from my crate. Not really the same thing for papa's dad, I guess. But I sure hated it, as I'm sure he did! Luckily, Rodger will have a Merry Christmas at home. He doesn't have to go back to the hospital until January for more work. So I think we'll see both of papa's parents in a couple of weeks as scheduled!

Ginger and Cali are keeping an eye out for them. Haha.. I shouldn't say "keeping an eye out" to Ginger, my blind, one-eyed sister. Cali is keeping watch. Ginger is listening very closely.




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