Thursday, December 18, 2008

The One with the Nap Partners

Today has been a S L O W day. Mom is working from home and dad is downstairs rerunning the electricity in the new bathroom. I've been trying to catch a snooze but can't get any alone time.

Is she kidding me with this?
Just when I got a little elbow room, that squirrel shows his little face, twitches that arrogant tail and wakes us all up!

Finally I got some rest in an unlikely place - Phoenix's tiny bed in the kitchen...
As of this posting, mom is now officially on winter break. She doesn't have to go back to the office until next year! We're going to be so spoiled. Papa isn't as fortunate with his job but he said he will be here when Santa Claus comes. I wonder when that will be - my stocking is pitifully bare. I'll keep you updated on that.




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