Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The One with the Male Nanny

Papa is on the mend! He still feels iffy but he's doing better. He stayed home to babysit us while mom ran out to brave the Christmas Eve Eve crowds at the grocery store. (Hmmm... was this all a ploy to avoid shopping??)

She (dare I say it so close to Christmas?)
whined about the crowds and the cold (it was 27 degrees while she was running errands) but WE, while I sympathize with her complaints about crowds, have bigger issues to complain about today. Papa made us watch the most boring TV programs, such as Sunrise Earth and Christmas Unwrapped: The History of Christmas - A Fascinating Story of the Bawdy Roman Saturnalia. I always thought fascinating meant interesting or captivating. As evidenced by this program, I am mistaken.

Something that IS interesting? Today the Crazy Cat Lady stopped by with a BEAUTIFUL Christmas centerpiece for mom and papa.

AND - best of all - she brought delicious smelling gifts for us! Mom said we have to wait a couple more days to open the presents but we've all snuck over to take a deep whiff of all the goodies in our stockings.
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