Friday, December 19, 2008

The One with the Holiday Card

RAINING. Yuck! No snow at all so far. This is crazy! Snowflakes are on the calendar for Monday, according to I'll believe it when I see it! Then again, mom said it will snow because of some guy named Murphy. Apparently Murphy has a law that since Ginger is going to the vet on Monday, over an hour away, it will snow. That seems like a very specific rule to me.

The Christmas tunes have been playing all day and what perfect background music! My Arizona relatives sent a bunch of presents which arrived today. Phoenix practically climbed into the box and Ginger was investigating everything mom pulled out but Cali had the best idea. She started taking gifts out when mom went to answer the phone. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to open any before she got back but we watched her put them in our stockings so we made some plans for later.

We also got holiday cards from my cousins... aren't they cute? I could just carry them around in my pocket! If I had pockets, that is.

Mom was off today so didn't do much besides make another "list" and play with her new Tobi garment steamer. It was a gift for her birthday and she just now had time to take it out of the box. She steamed everything so I think she likes it!

Papa has been working like a busy bee downstairs. The electricity was completed and he's moved on to plumbing. His least favorite part!




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