Monday, December 8, 2008

The One with the Flashback

Bad news.... papa's parents can't make it down to visit us this month after all. Rodger needs to rest up! I'm holding out hope for a visit soon though.

In the meantime, things here have been quiet. Mom only has three or four more office days until she's off until next year!! Papa was on the west coast last night. I think I heard mom grumbling during our walk after dinner yesterday about how warm it was there. To compare, according to Weather Underground, it was 26 degrees here with a steady wind speed of 18 MPH at 6:00 when we went out for our last walk. Where papa was? 55 with calm wind. I have to admit, even I was jealous! But snow is in the forecast for us later in the week and I do love a good romp in the snow! We didn't get any snow last winter. Here are some pictures from my first major snow storm!




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