Monday, December 29, 2008

The One with Dr. Mitchell

Nothing much to report! My pack is sleeping quietly now. Earlier today, Ginger went to Dr. Mitchell's office to recheck her thyroid levels. They had trouble finding a good vein from which to draw blood but she was a trooper. Dr. Mitchell is the BEST at drawing Ginger's blood but those Shar Pei's have some rolly-pollie veins so sometimes it's difficult. I probably mentioned this but we have the best vet ever. Obviously. We travel 90 minutes each way to visit her. And that's a huge compliment from me - I'm cautious of everyone.

Mom suspects the values are still low, which she predicts is the cause of her recent focal seizure activity. We'll know in a couple of days. If it's low, Dr. Mitchell will increase the thyroid medication. If it's normal, she'll give Ginger an additional medication to help control the seizures. In addition, she now has a ten day supply of antibiotics to clear up her tooth infection. Her breath leaves something to be desired but she can't help it! The infection is likely the cause of her runny nose so we'd knock out two problems with one pill - well two pills, twice a day. That brings her total to 13 pills per day for medication and supplements, plus a powdery substance on her food for her joints at night. She's living the high life for sure!

Normally Cali or I go with her to the office for moral support. (Phoenix is still working on overcoming her car sickness.) For today's visit, Ginger was on her own because mom had to take the pickup truck and it would be cramped. I know she missed us but I bet she liked the extra attention!

We sure missed her! Isn't her post-visit bandanna from the vet cute?

Mom missed most of the homecoming but this is some of it on tape. We sure love our Ginger-bear!

Papa has to get up at 2:45 tomorrow morning so he's already turned in for the night. But, tomorrow is his Friday and he'll get home early! Then he'll be off until next year! One of mom's favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory, is coming on soon so I'll be signing off to tune in - sure beats Sunrise Earth!




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