Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The One with the Blackout

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Today summed up in one word! According to our wind gauge, the gusts topped 60.2 MPH this morning! The power we
nt out for about two hours shortly after that gust. Mom has a battery backup to keep the modem and router running (heaven forbid we go without the internet for too long) but cable was knocked out too. I'm happy to report we made it through 120 minutes without technology. Not exactly a blackout but the title fit perfectly.

A couple of my loyal readers have noticed that my tradition is to use Friends episode titles as my blog titles. Or to keep it as close as possible. It's my way paying homage to one of mom's favorite shows of all time. Plus " . . . it is a bit of a challenge!" (Bonus points granted if you can name the episode in which Chandler says those words!)

During the "blackout," we played keep-away with my new bees. Phoenix is quite a competitor though. She steals it from Cali every time - not that Cali puts up much resistance. For being so tough, Phoenix is afraid of... wind. Yep. Wind. Poor thing sticks to us like glue outside when it's windy. It's okay. That's what big sisters are for, right?

Wind has made her nervous since she first came to us two years ago. Two years ago today, as a matter of fact. The crazy cat lady convinced mom and papa to bring her home after she was hanging around a neighbor's house for a couple of days. Phoenix, then only six months old, had to spend ten days at the animal shelter to make sure she wasn't being looked for by her original two-leggers. Mom was VERY nervous for those ten days and wished she just kept her here and never notified anyone. But it was the right thing to do. And it turned out of the best! No one claimed her, which was meant to be because we couldn't imagine our family without her. It's hard to believe it was only two years ago.




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