Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The One with the Ball

It has been a busy day! Mom left for work early so I had to watch the squirrel from behind glass until Stacey came to feed us. He, of course, was gone by then. He must be watching me too.

After Stacey's visit, I worked hard to convince Phoenix that the ornaments on the tree are
not toys for us. That took quite some time. By then it was mid-day and that blasted squirrel was back to tease me! Argh!

Luckily mom and papa arrived just in time for dinner. When Ginger gets hungry she sure gets antsy so I was contemplating feeding her myself. (As mom has discovered, I can easily get past the baby gate to go downstairs where she keeps the extra food bins.)

Papa was away last night so having him home is always fun. We ran outside a bit and then we each got a taste of ham for dessert. The thing is, after a long day babysitting my sisters and watching for the secret spy squirrel, a puppy gets tired! Unfortunately, papa was not tired. I've heard driving around the neighborhood makes little two-leggers sleepy but that would involve leaving my home turf plus papa's not so little. After some thinking, I tried something else. It worked!
Take a look.




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