Saturday, December 13, 2008

The One Where Zona Sings

Today has had some ups and downs. The morning began with some quality time with papa, including my favorite game. The phone rang on and off all day though, which I hate. I try to tell people when mom and papa are out but they keep calling!! Sometimes I can get little Phoenix to join in with me. Even so, folks still don't understand what I'm saying. Most say it just sounds like I'm singing. Two-leggers...

When they got home from their errands this morning, Phoenix took a nap with papa before he had to leave for the west coast.

Ginger's day has been up and down too. She's had some minor episodes these last couple of weeks - such as fly snapping and ataxia - which have increased in frequency. Happily, nothing serious has happened since mom and Dr. Mitchell increased her medication this fall. She's due for bloodwork on the 22nd so we might have to move that up in the schedule. Mom thinks it's that pesky thyroid again. Ginger's a tough girl so I'm not overly worried but we all get upset when she's acting strangely. Especially Cali. She'll wake up from a nap under the bed to run to Ginger's side if she hears any distress. And Ginger knows it. As I type this, Ginger is happily rubbing her face all over Cali's chest because she knows she can. They've been best friends since Cali was a baby.

They even hold paws....

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  1. I LOVE this picture!!! I also remember laying on your stairs in the townhouse taking pictures of G and C at the top of the stairs together.



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