Saturday, November 15, 2008

The One with the Ballroom Dancing

T minus 25 hours until papa lands in VA!
:: celebratory dancing ::
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Mom's getting worried about me. I've been missing papa so much that I get a bit - well a lot - paranoid when she leaves the house. It's common knowledge that I hate leaving home because I may encounter two-leggers but, when mom got home today from the grocery store, I sat in the driver seat of the truck while she unloaded the packages. As a rule I'm quite reluctant to get in the car, so this was highly unusual. My thought process: what if she's visiting papa?!? It's worth the risk if I get the chance to visit him too. So I'll keep crying when she leaves until she gets the hint and takes me too. I won't be as uptight when papa gets home. I can't wait!!

It's not just me. We're all a little clingy to mom now. He sounds like he's missing us too. We won't be missing each other for long though!

:: more dancing ::




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