Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The One with the Secret Closet

:: sigh :: Papa's been gone for three days now. It's been booorrring around here. Mom's been organizing closets. I'm only concerned with my closet and that's on the list for tomorrow. Ginger is pretty anxious too, as you can see.

As mom was making lists of her chores, I was keeping Papa's chair warm. I never sit in his chair without his permission but mom knows I miss him so she let me lay there for awhile. He'll be home before I know it. I hope.

He sent mom a couple of videos of where he was hunting yesterday. He was in a tree stand all day. He must have hated that. Papa can't stand to sit still. He gets that from me. It did look really beautiful though - wide open space, no two-leggers... heaven! I hope he was able to hike today. He enjoys a good walk outside - hey - I bet he got that from me too. Here are a couple of still pictures from Papa's video:




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