Monday, November 24, 2008

The One Where Papa Has a Baby

I haven't been able to blog because my eyes got a bit worse before they got better. Luckily, they are now clear and healthy again. Just in time too: the two-leggers are going away for a couple of days later this week. Something about going out of town for turkey. I suppose they are afraid to contaminate the house. Cali is allergic to a lot of things, especially turkey. Our sitter will be here though, in our turkey-free zone. Well, Phoenix is a bit of a turkey but not the same kind I guess. She looks more like a bat baby to me.

I can be a baby too...

But Phoenix still has me beat and I can give you a perfect example. It's been raining this evening. So what, you ask? Well, Phoenix refused to go out until mom put her -- wait for it -- rain coat on! Papa was so embarrassed. I don't think he believed us that she's such a wimp until tonight. Hehe.. Mom can't look at her without laughing so I thought I'd post some pictures to share the laughter.




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