Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The One with the Videotape

Papa called last night after we were tucked in bed. He had a long day but it sounds like he had a lot of fun! He didn't see any elk but seemed to really enjoy walking in the mountains, despite the snow. He told mom that, minus the snow, it reminded him of when he was with the Border Patrol. I'm not 100% sure what that means but I'm relatively certain that Cali is in charge of Border Patrol now. She's always walking the perimeter of our property checking for anything unusual.

Papa said someone in their group did get an elk yesterday. He was amazed at the size of it - bigger than Miracle, a horse that lives in the neighborhood. He took some pictures but hasn't sent them to me yet. So I'll post again.

Mom did some work with the aquarium last night. Phoenix was worried that mom would mess up one of Papa's projects so she watched her very carefully. I think it turned out nice! You can't tell from this picture but the live rock is really starting to get some nice color! The last picture is actually a 27 second video. It's "boring but colorful," as my aunt would say, but I wanted to practice posting videos.




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