Saturday, November 29, 2008

The One with the Screamer

Today has been a great day! It started with several games of hide-and-seek. Here are some videos.

After the games, us youngsters relaxed outside by the fire. Ginger hung back - she doesn't like to be cold.

The princess...After relaxing a bit, Phoenix and I chased something up a tree... we had great fun!

During naptime, mom and papa went to get a Christmas tree! They ran errands and stopped at Mr. Cupp's house down the street to cut down the perfect tree. We'll set it up tomorrow, along with some decorations inside the house. We didn't have a tree last year so this will be the first Christmas tree Phoenix has. Exciting!

This is a video of the tree being cut down today. Mom expected papa to yell, "Timmbbberr!" But if you listen closely, I believe his words were, "Oh, jeepers!"




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