Friday, November 28, 2008

The One in Rockaway

The two-leggers have returned after 58 hours and 30 minutes! They brought home some delicious left-overs. At least they smelled delicious. We each got a little bread crust but the good stuff was gone by then. Oh well, at least they're home!

We had fun while they were gone though. Stacey was here and Lisa the Cat Lady came to visit. Some of you know her as Lisa the Chicken Lady since she brings us eggs too! As much fun as it was with our visitors and card games, it was GREAT to sleep in our own beds last night. Mom closes the bedroom door while they are gone so that she can see us on the camera.

Speaking of cameras, mom agreed to take a couple pictures for me. This first one is of a place called Yocco's. It's supposed to be a great hot dog and pierogie place on the way to New Jersey. It's always busy and filled with two-leggers so I've never been there.

This is just a picture of a bridge mom likes.... :: yawn ::

Now we're talking... look at the size of this guy!! The two-leggers saw him both mornings just waltzing around without a care in the world. I should have gone with them - easy pickins.

Relatives of mine?

And finally, relatives of papa's. I hope they weren't catching us with the poker table out. They sure look amused!




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