Saturday, November 1, 2008

The One with the Pediatrician

Happy Saturday! He's BACK! Yes, papa is back but also.... my nemesis has returned. You guessed it, the squirrel has returned to torment me. Usually I play it cool and casually ask to go out (and then run like a greyhound in order to tree him!) but this time I got too excited so mama was on to me. No treeing squirrels today. I showed my hand too soon, as we pups say on Poker Day.

Ginger and Cali went to Dr. Mitchell's office today. I got a reprieve from my counter-conditioning training. Cali said it was a good thing I had the day off because there were lots of bicycles and the nearby Tae Kwon Do class had just let out - two-leggers everywhere. She loved it of course but said I would have had a "set back" with my social anxiety.

The rumor is I screamed like.. well, a monkey when they left but that is not true. Do not believe it. I will concede that I was very excited when they returned home.

Cali took some pictures on the drive for me. Her office is over an hour away but she is the best vet so it's well worth the ride. Besides, it is a beautiful drive, especially during this time of year. Now she is no Ansel Adams but, in her defense, the car was moving and the windows were a bit smudged. I'll have better pictures tomorrow after mom and papa hike to the Skyline Drive overlook.

Time for dinner! We were delayed because Ginger was taking a snooze and we figured this will help us get used to the time change... we fall back tonight. That means only two hours will separate us from our Arizona family!




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