Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The One Where Zona Runs

I'm back! I've been busy - so many things have happened! Cali picked papa up at the airport late Sunday night. It was wonderful! We stayed up late with him and then both two-leggers were free from work on Monday. We cuddled mostly and then traipsed in the woods a bit.

Mom picked up a tick at some point. Yes, a single tick. She's been taking ticks off of the four of us left and right but she gets one tick and rushes to the doctor's office within days. Not to mention sending Dr. Aunt Katie pictures of her swollen, infected bite. Seems kind of dramatic to me!

Speaking of dramatic, mom thinks my eye is not scratched after all. Since it's moved to both eyes, she's guessing some kind of conjunctivitis. She's putting a different ointment in both eyes now. :: sigh :: I sure hope it works because if not I have to go see the vet at the end of the week. This picture looks bad because it's dilated but you can see the discharge.. yuck. Now both eyes are red and goopy but my pupil is closer to normal now. Cross your fingers that the new ointment works...

My Arizona family sent a big box with some delicious cookies and Mesa and Molly each sent us a toy. Isn't that cool? Cali sure loves their old toys. They also sent cookies for mom and crumb cake for papa. He 's away tonight so hopefully she saves some for him.

Oh, yeah, it SNOWED on Tuesday. It wasn't sticking to the ground but Cali was dusted and Phoenix and Ginger had to wear coats - princesses. Phoenix is such a princess she wouldn't go outside this morning with Stacey, our sitter, until Stacey called mom at work to find out where her coat was. I have a picture of Phoenix. I also have a picture of Ginger but she asked me not to post it. She said it's undignified. I would do it anyway but she scares me a little bit.

Celebrating the snow and papa's return:

Did mom say pizza?

Meanwhile, warm and toasty in the kitchen while papa cooks dinner:




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